Appointed Trustee

The ideal person has experience of change, innovation and transformation, an understanding of the charity sector and the importance of people to an organisation. They are bold and can encourage the CFG Board to think differently.

20th March 2018

Salary: Voluntary
Duration: 1 or 2 terms (3 or 6 years)
Deadline: 20th March 2018
Open to non-CFG members only

Appointed positions are an opportunity for individuals who are not members of CFG to join our Board.

The process includes completing an application form, and if successfully shortlisted, meeting with our CEO, Caron Bradshaw, and our Chair, Nicki Deeson, to discuss your interest in the role, and your experience and skills.

What we are looking for

You are a bold thinker, an influencer – someone who not only understands the principles of leadership but someone who others look to as a leader.

You are curious and always looking for creative solutions.

You understand the importance of organisational culture and the impact it has on success.

You believe in leadership and know the difference it can make to the charity sector

Are you up for the challenge?

Do you believe as we do that financial management should be the heart and soul of every charity and that it gives you the information you need as an organisation to be brave and take risks? Have you personally seen the transformation that great financial management has made to your organisation?

We are ambitious and brave – are you? Can you sit at the table and challenge and support your peers who are a wide range of leaders in their field? (We don’t like to name drop so click here to find out more.)

We are driven by being a leading voice in the sector which sometimes means we hit the press. The person we are looking for is unflappable, positive and keeps their focus on our vision and strategy.

Here is our Annual Report 2017.

How to get involved

1. Read the following information:
a. Trustee role description (PDF)
b. Current board members
c. How we are governed

2. Send us your CV and a supporting statement exploring how you could add value to CFG’s Board – by post or email to:
          Octavia Coombs
          Charity Finance Group
          15 – 18 White Lion Street
          N1 9PG
Or email by 20th March 2018

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