CFDG Welcomes New Guidance on Reporting Activities and Achievements

26th June 2003

The Charity Finance Directors' Group (CFDG) has welcomed the publication of new Charity Commission Guidance on reporting activities and achievements. Claire Newton (Finance Director of Marie Curie Cancer Care and Chair of CFDG's Policy Development Working Group) represented CFDG on the working groups which developed the guidance.

The new guidance was one of the initiatives which Ray Jones, Policy Accountant at the Charity Commission, discussed at the CFDG Annual Conference in May 2003, and was eagerly awaited.

CFDG Chief Executive Shirley Scott said today:
"Charities need to say clearly what they've done and what they are doing. This guidance gives useful headings and hints to help them do that. Paragraph 31 of the SORP is about the words that go in the Annual Report and CFDG has been working with other organisations to show how words and numbers together can paint a true picture."

Claire Newton, Chair of CFDG Policy Development Working Group added:
"This new guidance will help charity finance directors implement the SORP recommendations on reporting activities and achievements. It provides a particularly useful checklist of the principles which underpin good annual reporting."

CFDG is continuing to provide help for charities with their reporting. The new CFDG information website, the Charities Resource Network contains practical information about reporting including documents for download on, for example, Implementing the SORP, Assessing Accountability, and Information Systems for Performance Measurement. CFDG's Members' meeting on 9th July features presentations from the Lloyds TSB Foundation and RNID on their recently published Impact Reports.


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