Merger to create one voice for finance professionals in the third sector

1st September 2008

The Charity Finance Directors’ Group (CFDG) today announces a merger with the Charities Consortium. The Charities Consortium will be reconstituted as CFDG’s Large Charities Special Interest Group. The merger, effective from today, enhances the sector’s ability to manage its finances and demonstrate its impact as the economy weakens and scrutiny of charities grows.

CFDG is an authoritative and credible voice for effective management and good financial stewardship in the charity sector. This merger is an example of CFDG practising what it preaches on effective management and good financial stewardship by sharing resources, knowledge and expertise to better serve their beneficiaries – finance professionals. The Large Charities Special Interest Group bolsters the policy and campaigning work of CFDG whilst its status as the place for charity finance professionals to network and share experience will in turn also be strengthened and attract more information and senior decision makers from key sources in the sector, commerce and government.

Charles Nall, Corporate Services Director at the Children’s Society and Chair of both the CFDG and the Charities Consortium said: “As Chair of the two organisations, I have witnessed a shared desire amongst executives and boards to create one integrated voice to speak for the sector on finance and effectiveness. That one voice naturally sits in CFDG which has in the last two years grown significantly in size and offering to its members and is the credible, authoritative body on charity finance and effectiveness.”

Les Jones, Director of the Charities Consortium said: “The Charities Consortium has done a great job over the years however this merger puts it in a position where it can thrive in the future. Combined with CFDG the Consortium will be within an organisation with a strong brand and a recognised presence in the sector.”

Keith Hickey, CEO of CFDG said: “This is a real opportunity for CFDG and we look forward to maintaining and building on the expertise and learning that the Charities Consortium has brought to the sector not only on financial matters but also on issues such as procurement, IT and insurance. I believe that this merger will bring CFDG additional gravitas in its dealings with government and provide new and exciting opportunities for CFDG as it continues to grow.”

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Notes to Editor:

The Charity Finance Directors' Group was set up in 1987 and is an umbrella group that specialises in helping charities to manage their finance-related functions. CFDG’s 1,400 plus members are responsible for the finances of charities with a wide variety of income levels. Between them our members manage some £13.7 billion in charity income per year.

The Charities Consortium was founded in 1993 by a group of finance directors from leading charities as forum for senior finance directors (or equivalent roles) of the top 100 charities to develop collaborative procurement for the charity sector. Over the years the Charities Consortium formed and then supported the development of groups for IT, insurance and procurement professionals in the sector. The standalone organisations that have grown out of the Charities Consortium are: the Charity Consortium IT Directors Group, the Charity Insurance Group and the Charity Procurement Group. These groups have substantially bolstered the expertise and learning across the sector. CFDG’s Large Charities Special Interest Group will continue to work closely with these groups.

Following a review in 2005, the Charities Consortium recognised that its primary purpose had broadened into a networking and expertise-sharing forum for Finance Directors to improve the performance of large charities, inviting key decision makers in government, charities and commerce for discussions on issues of relevance to the sector under Chatham House rules. The Charities Consortium amended its constitution to reflect this in 2006. The alignment of these purposes with the Charity Finance Directors’ Group was recognised by both the boards and executives of the two organisations.

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