CFG Chief appears on 5Live, BBCNews 24 discussing importance of charity financial sustainability

7th August 2015

CFG's Chief Executive, Caron Bradshaw, appeared on radio BBC 5Live this morning, discussing the importance of financial skills in the sector, and speaking about charity mergers and closures.

In response to questions about whether there were "too many charities", Caron said:

"I think we should be cautious about playing a numbers game regarding the number of charities - what we should be doing is encouraging charities that are in a good position to do so to merge. There are circumstances where mergers happen in a crisis, rather than at the right time when it’s in the best interests of the beneficiaries. We need to change the narrative around mergers. Mergers needs to be a positive part of the life cycle of an organisation."

Caron also commented on the importance of robust financial systems within charities, and how important it is for the development of these skills to be recognised by government:

"There has been a serious capacity crunch over the past few years, over successive governments. The capacity building that has been undertaken is rarely focused on financial skills. It’s been around digital and media or fundraising.

I’m not saying those aren’t very worthy things – but if you don’t have financial skills, then you aren’t able to get the best out of your resources for your beneficiaries."

Caron also appeared on BBCNews 24 (digital television channel 130) at 5pm today.

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