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Thursday 25 February 2021

When considering governance many of us think about achieving value for money and performance objectives. Good governance is truly about developing a culture which allows your organisation to thrive. Now that many of us are working from the seclusion of our own homes, we need to make sure that cultural issues are not overlooked, misunderstood or ignored.

"The connection between governance and an organisation’s culture cannot be overstated especially during the era of remote working. Join us at our conference with CFG to discuss governance and culture for charities. We will discuss developing an ethical work culture, and Jo Moffatt of Engage for Success will be exploring remote work team culture." - Naziar Hashemi, National Head of Non Profits, Crowe UK

This event will provide you with the understanding of what comprises a good governance and how governance can influence and improve your organisational culture.

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This event is designed for trustees, finance directors, HR and charity leaders.

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This event is taking place online. Joining instructions will be sent a week before the event. 

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Caron Bradshaw, CEO, Charity Finance Group

Naziar Hashemi, Partner, National Head of Non Profits, Crowe

Jo Moffatt, Partnerships Director, Engage for Success

Pesh Framjee, Global Head of Non Profits, Crowe

Jonny Gifford, Senior Advisor on Organisational Behaviour, CIPD

Louise Thomson, Head of Policy (NFP), The Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA)


Chair's Welcome

Caron Bradshaw, CFG


Creating an inclusive workplace

What can charities and non-profits be doing to develop their approach in creating an equal, diverse and inclusive space for their employees? In order to harness the capacity of a diverse workforce an organisation needs to create a culture where this diversity is respected and appreciated, in other words - inclusive.

This session will look at how charitable organisations can nourish their approach to creating an inclusive work culture wherever you are in your journey.

Jonny Gifford, Senior Advisor on Organisational Behaviour, CIPD



Q&A session


Remote work team culture

Following the Covid-19 outbreak many organisations have moved their operations and allowed for remote working. Many teams will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. Since remote teams are physically distanced, building a culture is a bigger challenge, but the need is even greater without in-person interaction.

Join this session to find out how you can ensure positive culture for your employees in a virtual environment.

Jo Moffatt, Partnerships Director of Engage for Success and Managing Director of Woodreed


Q&A Session


Group discussion and break


Developing an ethical work culture

Developing an ethical culture is imperative. It is especially important for charities, which are often held to a greater degree of scrutiny in the public eye. Following your charity's values is a very good starting point, but it is also essential that you set up effective whistle-blowing procedures, clearly discourage bullying practices and create an environment where every employee can feel appreciated and part of the organisation.

This session will discuss the approaches that you can implement in your charity to create a more ethical work culture.

Louise Thomson, Head of Policy (NFP), The Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA)


Q&A session


Good governance

What do we mean when we discuss good governance? How can governance influence the culture in an organisation?

This session will examine what the pillars of good governance are and what steps you need to take to ensure your organisation is leading through effective governance.

Naziar Hashemi, Partner, National Head of Non Profits, Crowe

Pesh Framjee, Global Head of Non Profits, Crowe


Q&A session


Chair's summary and end of conference

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