Nov 14 2013
Pensions and HR

How are charities faring with auto-enrolment

By the end of this year, almost 215 of the largest charities will have complied with the duty to auto-enrolled their employees. Another 25,000 will do so by 2018.  We’ve ...

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Nov 12 2013
Pensions and HR

We're all in! Are you?

‘In what?’ I hear you ask. No, I’m not referring to being in CFG’s new offices, what I mean is ‘in a pension scheme’ of course. 

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Nov 6 2013
Governance regulation and compliance

Celebrating the trustees who SERVE us!

So, another successful trustees’ week is well underway! With a range of activities currently taking place and our imminent members’ meetings looking at specific issues related to trusteeship, I thought I’d share some thoughts with you on the subject.

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Nov 4 2013
Accounting and reporting

CFG has its say on the Charities SORP consultation

The Charity ‘Statement of Recommended Practice’ (SORP) is the principal document informing charities on how they should report income, spending and activities to the general public. 

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Oct 17 2013
Tax and VAT

Why charities need to respond to the SORP consultation

Fraud, pledges and legacies represent just some of the key issues where the charity voice needs to be heard, says Richard Bray, Cancer Research UK. 

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