10 January 2020

Reserves: is it surprising that some charities are taking a conservative approach?

Lucy Rhodes, Associate, and Laura Soley, Partner, Bates Wells discuss the complex choices charities face when it comes to reserves.

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Jan 8 2020
Accounting and reporting Financial sustainability

What’s new for audit and accountancy?

Ahead of her session at the CFG Midlands Conference 2020, Partner at Sayer Vincent, Fleur Holden, provides an update into what’s new in the world of charity audit and accounting.

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Nov 27 2019

What matters is your desire to change the world, not the skills you bring to the party

CFG's new Chair, Gary Forster has spent most of his career in logistics before becoming a CEO in 2011. With this transition came a realisation - like logistics, finance is often overlooked. In this, his after-dinner speech at CFG's Annual Fundraising Dinner, he celebrates the accountants, financial controllers, FDs and book keepers that underpin the great work of the voluntary sector.



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Nov 25 2019

The one constant in these changing times

In Caron Bradshaw's speech at the CFG Annual Dinner this November and shared here, Caron reflects on the changing political climate, and why we must not forget our focus on public interest and public benefit.

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Nov 13 2019
Charity finance policy Governance regulation and compliance

Has the Charity Commission has taken the wrong tone in its election guidance

The charities regulator in England and Wales recently wrote to its whole database to warn them of their duties when campaigning. David Ainsworth asks if the Commission struck the right tone.

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