Mar 13 2019
IT and data

Simon Community Elevates Its Service to the Homeless of Western Scotland

by Oracle Netsuite who will be exhibiting at our IT & Digital conference 14 March 2019

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Mar 12 2019
Governance regulation and compliance

How the best boards do it, from preparation to meeting execution

By Passageways

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Mar 11 2019
IT and data

Is “cheap” software really worth it?

By Caroline Neighbour, Business Development & Marketing Administrator, Gallery Partnership


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Feb 26 2019
Governance regulation and compliance Leadership

Seeing the wood for the trees

A subject that it frequently on charities’ minds and in the public domain is transparency. Caron Bradshaw discusses how we should start re-evaluating measuring transparency in the sector and helping stakeholders make informed choices on which causes to support.

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Feb 7 2019
Charity finance policy Financial sustainability

Charity Property Matters Survey 2018

CFG members Ethical Property Foundation, in partnership with the Charity Commission and Charity Finance Group, have published the findings from their fourth Charity Property Matters Survey. Here Antonia Swinson, Chief Executive of Ethical Property Foundation shares a sense of the role property plays in the sector, and some key findings of the survey.

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