Apr 15 2020
Charity finance policy Coronavirus Financial sustainability

What does the chancellor’s announcement mean for charities?

By Richard Sagar, Policy Manager at CFG

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Apr 9 2020

Charity isn’t ‘gentle’ - it’s messy, hard, difficult and painful.

Four weeks ago we started lobbying the Government for the help that only it can provide at the scale the sector needs to ensure that the most vulnerable in society are not left to shoulder the greatest burden in this crisis. Yesterday Rishi Sunak announced an unprecedented, grant-based, injection of cash into the sector. I was asked immediately for my reaction; was I pleased or disappointed? For me, the answer is not binary and I have wrestled with it all night.

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Apr 7 2020

How can I be a great leader through all stages of the change?

Leadership coach and business mentor Nicki Deeson shares her advice for managing your team's wellbeing during the COVID-19 disruption.

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Apr 6 2020
Accounting and reporting Financial sustainability Governance regulation and compliance

Top ten tips for how to handle the year end in a pandemic

Joanna Pittman, Partner at CFG corporate member Sayer Vincent gives her top ten tips for how to handle the year end in a pandemic.

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Mar 26 2020
Financial sustainability Leadership Risk

#EveryDayCounts – The Florence Nightingale Museum

Director David Green tells us about serious disruption from the Coronavirus pandemic in their bicentennial year, and how the museum is trying to cope with the challenges.

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