Jun 20 2019

Does culture really eat regulation for lunch?

By David Ainsworth, Sector Specialist, CFG

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May 23 2019

Key messages from the CFG Annual Conference 2019

Following the CFG Annual Conference in May, CFG’s Sector Specialist David Ainsworth shares the big themes from the day

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Apr 1 2019
Charity finance policy

Brexit crystal ball

Having called it right on both Brexit and Trump in 2016, Caron Bradshaw considers possible outcomes now. Whatever the result, the impact will be lasting, and there’s a great deal for the sector to reflect on and learn from.

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Mar 14 2019
IT and data

The quest for the trusted tech partner

By Gallery Partnership

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Mar 13 2019
IT and data

Simon Community Elevates Its Service to the Homeless of Western Scotland

by Oracle Netsuite who will be exhibiting at our IT & Digital conference 14 March 2019

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