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    Waking up more dormant assets

    Topics: Funding / Economy and policy
    Written by: Dr Clare Mills
    On: 03.08.2022

    The government has launched a consultation to gather views on the broad social or environmental purposes of the English portion of dormant assets funding. Dr Clare Mills invites CFG members to find out more and share their views.

    Time to read: 2 minutes
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  • Case study: How Stewardship is generating kingdom impact

    Topics: Investment / Funding / Environmental, social, governance (ESG)
    Written by: Janie Oliver
    On: 25.07.2022

    What are the impacts of your investments? Janie Oliver, Chief Financial Officer at Stewardship, shares a framework for impact that puts your most important goal at the centre of investment.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Campaign

    UK Aid cuts will have devastating impact on smaller charities

    Topics: Funding / Economy and policy
    Posted by: CFG
    On: 30.04.2021

    The Small International Development Charities Network (SIDCN) urgently needs your help to gather data on the impact of UK Aid cuts.

    Time to read: 1 minutes
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