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  • World Suicide Prevention Day: Creating Hope Through Action

    Topics: People and culture
    Posted: 08.09.2023

    **TW: This document contains material and discusses issues that some people may find distressing or emotionally challenging.

    A resource for CFG colleagues and the wider community about World Suicide Prevention Day. This booklet explores some of the issues surrounding suicide, suicide prevention and bereavement. Authored by Eve Trotman.

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  • Charities and insolvency: a briefing (updated March 2023)

    Topics: Governance, legal and compliance / Crisis management / Accounting and reporting
    Posted: 05.04.2023

    Special advisor to CFG, Pesh Framjee, answers all your questions on insolvency and good governance.

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  • Charity banking challenges: briefing no. 1

    Topics: Banking and financial services
    Posted: 29.06.2022

    Over 1200 voluntary organisations responded to a survey commissioned by the Civil Society Group between March and May 2022. This joint publication is the first briefing from the survey report, jointly published by CFG, NCVO, NAVCA, ACRE and WCVA.

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  • Economic Outlook Briefing 2022/23

    Topics: Tax and VAT / Risk / Leadership and career development / Investment / Environmental, social, governance (ESG)
    Posted: 10.03.2022

    Charity Finance Group and Pro Bono Economics provide an overview of the key economic issues and trends that may affect charities in the UK over the 2022/23 financial year.

    PDF download.

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  • The CFG Guide to Gift Aid 2021

    Topics: Gift Aid / Tax and VAT
    Posted: 07.10.2021
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  • Annual Report 2019-20: Creating a better future

    Posted: 30.04.2021
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  • CFG Briefing: Budget 2021

    Topics: Tax and VAT / People and culture / IT, technology and digital / Investment / Gift Aid / Environmental, social, governance (ESG) / Crisis management / Accounting and reporting
    Posted: 03.03.2021

    CFG's member briefing on the Chancellor's Budget Statement, 3 March 2021.

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  • Finance Focus November/December 2020

    Topics: Risk / Charity finance policy / Environmental, social, governance (ESG) / Governance, legal and compliance / Accounting and reporting / IT, technology and digital / Gift Aid / Leadership and career development / Crisis management
    Posted: 04.12.2020

    Welcome to the latest edition of Finance Focus! In this issue, we ask charities and CFG's trustees about what they've learned in 2020 and what lays ahead. Topics also covered include annual reporting, gift aid and technology.

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  • The AIM/CFG Guide to Gift Aid 2020

    Topics: Gift Aid
    Posted: 05.11.2020

    The joint CFG/AIM Guide to Gift Aid 2020. This publication is in association with the Association of Independent Museums.

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  • The CFG Guide to Gift Aid 2020

    Topics: Gift Aid
    Posted: 08.10.2020
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  • How to avoid bias in job advert writing

    Topics: People and culture / Leadership and career development
    Posted: 18.09.2020
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  • Planning for the future in light of Covid-19

    Topics: Crisis management / Leadership and career development
    Posted: 03.08.2020