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  • Keeping on top of National Minimum Wage

    Topics: Governance, legal and compliance / Tax and VAT
    Posted by: Caroline Jones
    On: 08.11.2022

    What does your charity need to know when it comes to National Minimum Wage compliance? Caroline Jones from BDO shares some advice on what to consider and how to avoid pitfalls.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Supporting employees during the cost of living crisis

    Topics: People and culture / Environmental, social, governance (ESG)
    Posted by: CFG
    On: 07.11.2022

    What can you do to help your employees during the cost of living crisis? Luiza Jordan from HSF health plan share seven tips for employers.


    Time to read: 2 minutes
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  • VAT and Covid-19 testing services

    Topics: Tax and VAT / Accounting and reporting
    Posted by: CFG
    On: 04.11.2022

    If your charity received or supplied Covid-19 testing services, you could have overpaid VAT. Robert Marchant and Kieran Smith from Crowe UK explain.

    Time to read: 1 minutes
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  • Enhancing reputation through a charity’s investment portfolio…

    Topics: Investment / Environmental, social, governance (ESG)
    Posted by: Edward Jewson
    On: 03.11.2022

    Charities once led the way in ethical investment. So, where are they now? PMCL's Ed Jewson shares his insights on putting ESG at the heart of investment portfolios.

    Time to read: 6 minutes
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  • What just happened to my defined benefit pension fund?

    Topics: Pensions
    Written by: Ed Symes
    On: 02.11.2022

    Pension schemes haven't escaped recent political and economic turmoil, so it's time to revisit your organisation's pensions strategy. Ed Symes and Richard Soldan from LCP explain why.

    Time to read: 5 minutes
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  • CFG Guide for Small Charities: Fraud

    Topics: Fraud
    Written by: CFG
    On: 20.10.2022

    It's #CharityFraudAwarenessWeek! Check out our three-minute guide for small charities which provides an overview of the ever-changing topic of fraud.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Moving offices? Here's what you need to know...

    Topics: Procurement and resources / Investment / Financial sustainability
    Written by: Mia Brown
    On: 20.10.2022

    Planning to relocate your offices? Mia Brown from TSP shares what to consider to ensure a smoother process, and talks to Hannah McCarthy about DEC's recent office move.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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    Understanding energy consumption

    Topics: Procurement and resources / Environmental, social, governance (ESG)
    Posted by: CFG
    On: 18.10.2022

    Do we really understand the energy we use? And how can we get to grips with our consumption AND reduce it? Ruaire Glackin from Utility Aid shares a helpful guide.

    Time to read: 9 minutes
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    The human face of finance automation

    Topics: IT, technology and digital
    Written by: Ruth Bentley
    On: 17.10.2022

    How can you make automation work for you, your team and your organisation? Ruth Bentley from LAKE shares some ideas on implementing new systems and getting the best out of them.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Energy Bills Relief Scheme – capturing the needs of charitable organisations

    Topics: Procurement and resources / Economy and policy
    Posted by: CFG
    On: 14.10.2022

    The government needs your input now! Don't miss this opportunity to feed back your organisation's needs and experiences of energy costs, usage and more...

    Time to read: 4 minutes
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  • How to invest in a world of high inflation

    Topics: Investment / Financial sustainability / Environmental, social, governance (ESG) / Economy and policy
    Written by: Patrick Trueman
    On: 13.10.2022

    How can charities respond to this year’s spike in inflation from an investment perspective? Patrick Trueman from James Hambro & Partners considers some of the implications and shares ways to respond.

    Time to read: 7 minutes
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  • Six steps to developing a business continuity plan

    Topics: Risk / Crisis management
    Written by: Simon Hickman
    On: 12.10.2022

    Don't get caught out by disasters. Make sure you minimise impact with these six simple steps to developing a business continuity plan from Access Insurance.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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