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  • Inflation risk, cash and investment reserves: Making your assets work for you

    Topics: Risk / Investment / Governance, legal and compliance
    Written by: Vicky Eastwood
    On: 10.08.2022

    How will steep price increases affect your charity and cash reserves? Vicky Eastwood, Charity Investment Manager at RBC Brewin Dolphin, considers the implications of rising inflation and whether now is the time to think about investment.

    Time to read: 4 minutes
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  • Four ways to grow your charity's sustainability strategy

    Topics: Procurement and resources / Environmental, social, governance (ESG)
    Written by: Mia Brown
    On: 09.08.2022

    How can the charity sector keep up with expected sustainability demands, as measurable performance and tangible outcomes become standard? Mia Brown from TSP, shares advice on getting started with your charity's ESG strategy.

    Time to read: 2 minutes
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  • Campaign

    Get set for Gift Aid Awareness Day 2022!

    Topics: Gift Aid
    Posted by: CFG
    On: 03.08.2022

    Gift Aid Awareness Day is less than ten weeks away! Emma Abbott, Communications Manager, CFG, explains what's in store for this year's #TickTheBox campaign and how you can get involved!

    Time to read: 2 minutes
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  • CFG comments

    Waking up more dormant assets

    Topics: Funding / Economy and policy
    Written by: Dr Clare Mills
    On: 03.08.2022

    The government has launched a consultation to gather views on the broad social or environmental purposes of the English portion of dormant assets funding. Dr Clare Mills invites CFG members to find out more and share their views.

    Time to read: 2 minutes
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  • Harness the power of ESG to boost your charity’s employer brand

    Topics: People and culture / Environmental, social, governance (ESG)
    Written by: Jennifer Jackson
    On: 01.08.2022

    Jennifer Jackson from Third Sector Jobs, explores how communicating your ESG policies can help you stand out as a charity and an employer.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Long Covid – is it a disability and how should employers be managing it?

    Topics: Risk / People and culture
    Written by: Natasha Letchford
    On: 29.07.2022

    A recent employment tribunal highlights that employers should be mindful when managing employees with long Covid, as Natasha Letchford, Associate, Wilsons Solicitors LLP, explains...

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Bates Wells' Faith-based Organisations Update 2022

    Topics: Environmental, social, governance (ESG) / Funding / Governance, legal and compliance / Investment / Risk
    Posted: 27.07.2022

    Bates Wells' 2022 update for faith-based organisations contains insights from the team and guest contributors on current issues in social investment. Topics also span recent case law, recruitment and governance.

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  • Remote working, works! Here's how…

    Topics: People and culture / Leadership and career development / Environmental, social, governance (ESG)
    Posted by: CFG
    On: 26.07.2022

    Does remote working really work? Presenting at this year’s CFG Annual Conference on 30 June, Kirsten Buck and Katy Stanley from PTHR, shared how they’ve made ‘remote first’ work for them and why ‘office optional’ IS the future, for people and the planet.

    Time to read: 9 minutes
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  • Case study: How Stewardship is generating kingdom impact

    Topics: Investment / Funding / Environmental, social, governance (ESG)
    Written by: Janie Oliver
    On: 25.07.2022

    What are the impacts of your investments? Janie Oliver, Chief Financial Officer at Stewardship, shares a framework for impact that puts your most important goal at the centre of investment.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Energy Outlook by Utility Aid (July 2022)

    Topics: Procurement and resources
    Posted: 25.07.2022

    CFG member Utility Aid shares its Energy Outlook for July 2022.

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  • Landmark judgement allows charities to put purpose before profit

    Topics: Investment / Governance, legal and compliance
    Posted by: CFG
    On: 30.06.2022

    Jeffrey Ball and Alice Farrer from RBC Brewin Dolphin explore the implications for trustees of the landmark Butler-Sloss judgement, with insights from Bates Wells.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Charity banking challenges: briefing no. 1

    Topics: Banking and financial services
    Posted: 29.06.2022

    Over 1200 voluntary organisations responded to a survey commissioned by the Civil Society Group between March and May 2022. This joint publication is the first briefing from the survey report, jointly published by CFG, NCVO, NAVCA, ACRE and WCVA.

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